3D PRINTING for Education

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MakerBot at Whitby
MakerBot at Whitby
Makerbot Stories - Whitby School

The MakerBot Replicator 5th Generation 3D printer is the most widely used Desk-Top 3D printer in today's educational setting.

MakerBot was the first and remains the leader of a substantial focus on K-12 education. As 3D printing will be applied in a multitude of subjects and disciplines, it's bringing together the ability to combine curricula with the aspect of learning with Hands-On re-enforcement.

Technical Instructors have been the primary proponents of 3D printing in their classrooms. As STEM education becomes evermore instrumental in preparing our students to succeed in a society increasingly dependent on STEM centered innovation, crucial for any successful economy of any country on Earth.

MakerBot has pioneered 3D education.

- Creating Cirricula

- A newly published instructional manual: MakerBot in the Classroom.

-  MakerBot's  website Thingaverse.com, your instructors and students have access to over 1,500,000 free models to upload, modify both machine coding and design. All objects are open source so no intellectual property rights are applicable. Perhaps the Really Cool thing is that students can upload their "derivatives" back on Thingaverse; think of the sense of accomplishment students would experience.

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MakerBot for Educators from MakerBot on Vimeo.